What Women Should Remember When Hanging Out in Strip Clubs

Whilst strip clubs in Brisbane are typically men’s hang-out places, that doesn’t mean that women aren’t welcome to spend the night watching those sexy ladies on stage. However, you and your girl-friends, like the gents, have to follow some specific rules when inside the club.

Mistakes Women Usually Do Inside the Club

Some women think that they have the right to misbehave when inside a strip club. That’s false. You should always remember that the rules are for everyone who wants to party. Check these common mistakes some ladies usually do when inside these magic cities.

Causing trouble because of drunkenness. Drinking and letting loose are what makes a night out fun and memorable. But, too much of it can cause problems with other customers. So, you, ladies should still behave according to what is expected of you even in these clubs.

Groping strippers. The major strip clubs in Brisbane strongly forbid customers to fondle strip dancers without their consent, and that doesn’t apply only to men but to women as well. Unlike other women, you should understand that those beautiful goddesses up there deserve the respect that everyone else are entitled to.

Stealing the spotlight. Strip dancers are there on stage dancing on the pole and giving entertainment that their customers paid for. And, the stage is not a place where you can jump on the pole, steal the spotlight, and ruin the show. Be careful ladies. You won’t like it when bouncers are to carry you outside for misbehaving.

Flirting with male clients. Although women clients are welcome in most strip joints in Brisbane, it is very unethical for them to steal attention from male clients, which is supposed to be directed to those beautiful dancers who make all the moves just to entertain them. If you or your girl-friends want to look for male companions to spend the night out, make it more decent.

Uttering foul words to anyone inside the club. The society at large, though not all, know that stripping is an unlikely profession, but it is not a reason for you or anyone else to be rude to the strip dancers, whether verbally or nonverbally. It will be inappropriate for female clientele to hurl insults to other women in this profession simply because they think that there are other means to earn money.

Enjoy the Night Without Trouble

A night out with your friends in one of the strip clubs in Brisbane will be an eventful night in your life as long as you behave decently together with other customers. Now, bring all your girl-friends with you and hit the magic city. Make sure that you bring enough wit and cash to fully enjoy the night!

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A Guide to Going to Brisbane Strip Bars for the First Time

Have you ever gone to Brisbane stripper bars before? Surely, the time comes for a man to visit one – even at least once in his lifetime. It is fine if you have no inkling whatsoever about how much to spend and how to behave. As a matter of fact, everyone has gone through the same process.

The first time would always be a funny and memorable experience. Hopefully, you do not get into trouble. So, to assure that you will have a great time with your best mates, here is a comprehensive guide to first-time goers.


The Queensland capital is fast becoming an entertainment hub of this side of Australia. Nightclubs, disco bars, and other forms of entertainment is scattered throughout. Even suburbs, such as Fortitude Valley, have well-known establishments.

All you need to do is know which Brisbane stripper bars are good and which are not that reputable. It is also important to know the age limit set for their clients. There are some bars that may admit 18-year-olds. However, some do extend the limit up to 21 years old.


If you found a good one in your area, make sure that you are bringing with you enough cash for the night. Do not use your credit card because you are going to need change. You will know more about this later.

You should, at least, have $40 to $80 of cash in your pocket. This should cover charges, such as food, drinks, and even lap dances. Some establishments do require you to purchase a drink every 30 to 60 minutes.

Therefore, ask about their house rules just to stay out of trouble. Lastly, avoid withdrawing cash on club ATMs, as the fee is extremely high.


Be sure to feel generous when you are in the club. When you are being entertained by a stripper, throw down, at least, a dollar bill. You really do not have to do this for every woman in the show though. However, doing this will safeguard you from being hounded to buy food and drinks by the staff. Worst of all, they may even ask you to leave just because you are not tipping the dancers.


If you want a lap dance, know that this takes place in a private room. You will not get one for free as the usual rate costs about $20 over. Moreover, you also have to pay for the DJ’s fee which is an additional $3 to $5. The dance would only last for just one song. And no, you will not get anything extra. So, do not think that you will get lucky or something of that sort.

Now, you know even just a little bit of what you need to prepare for a good first experience. Going to Brisbane stripper bars is definitely fun and exciting. By following this simple guideline, you can be assured of a positive experience that surely will make you ask for more.

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